Trauma Recovery

Puzzles with missing pieces bother me. I want them all joined, connected, each playing it’s part in the bigger whole. I feel the same way about our souls. I like to imagine that inside our souls, all parts are present and accounted for, in their proper places doing their proper things. We know it isn’t always so. The human experience is one of fragments and fractures, overwhelm and breakage. No life escapes this. Pieces are lost within, separated from adjoining pieces, longing to find their place again, be joined, re-fitted. Trauma does this, breaking them off and sending them adrift. … Continue reading Trauma Recovery

Brazilian Street Kid

I met him at night on a crowded street in Belo Horizonte, Brazil many years ago. I thought he was a child but he could have been a young teen. Our interaction lasted less than five minutes. No words were spoken. I couldn’t got a good look at his face, just the back of his head. I sat on the sidewalk watching my teammates do a skit for the crowd. That’s when he came. I’m not sure how he knew he would be welcome in my lap. He didn’t ask permission. He just crawled in. Tentative and a bit rigid at … Continue reading Brazilian Street Kid

From Less Than to Equal

Learned I was less than from the lying school of life; hussling to fit into the more thans world, knowing I never could. Striving to prove my lovability, worth, belonging; living off scraps of validation and devouring stray words of kindness. An innate feeling of lower class, that people are doing me a favor to spend time with me. Circumstances taught me this falsehood and faulty conclusions in childhood reinforced it. Less than…not a good platform to build a life from; Less than…not a place of rest. Centered, calm, a feeling of wholeness, no need to prove, able to make … Continue reading From Less Than to Equal

Play Therapy

Children have always had a special place in my heart.  My mom used to say they followed me around like the Pied Piper. I knew they each carried something special for the world and that they saw and heard more than others credited them for. So when my graduate school advisor recommended I take a course on play therapy, I eagerly complied. “Play is a child’s work,” my professor explained. My classmates and I had several assignments where we were to observe children at play. We were to notice their interactions, the roles they took, the objects they used, and … Continue reading Play Therapy