Hold Me

Hold me, hold me tight and don’t let go. I need to feel the warmth of another, the gentle comfort of presence and care. I feel weak, small, insignificant as if my life doesn’t matter as much as I thought. Futility, pain, and overwhelm have touched me and I need love to drive their chill away. Hold me til I catch my breath, Hold me til the dark whispers fade, Hold me til I remember who I am. Copyright © Tender Road Journeys 2021 All Rights Reserved Continue reading Hold Me


Let them come, just let them come. Don’t push them down any longer. They have come to relieve pressure, restore equilibrium. They’ve come to tell a story without words about something precious and valuable. Precious droplets have your way. Flow til your flow does cease. So let them come, just let them come. Language of the heart, say your peace, have your place, speak your truth. Let them come, just let them come, even when it feels they are too much, even when it feels they won’t stop, even when they come with silent screams or heaving sobs. Peace is … Continue reading Tears