Eight Squares of Pain

Eight squares of pain, measuring two feet by two feet, each a different shade of ceramic tile. The other shoppers at Home Depot would have never guessed it. She looked so normal, so rational, so calm. It didn’t show on the outside. Hers was an internal pain, an internal scream far beyond her ability to express or release. She inspected each tile looking for the most beautiful, the most decorative ones, for they would represent the beauty of her life and it was important to her that the tiles be valuable, as her life had been. She lifted one. It … Continue reading Eight Squares of Pain

Simple Gifts

I kick off my shoes and walk in the wet sand making my way along the shoreline. I meander through the woods breathing deeply of the crisp fresh air. I pick a small bouquet of wildflowers and place them in my kitchen window. Simple things you might say.  Yes, but not really. Did you know that as my bare feet touched the sand the electrical charge from the earth calmed my nervous system and improved my heart rate and blood flow? Just from walking barefoot? Did you know that as I meandered through the woods breathing the particles emitted from … Continue reading Simple Gifts