The Summer of Awe and Wonder

Delight filled His mind as He thought of all she would discover about life, about Him, and about her place in the world. Would she follow His whispers? Would she receive His invitation? He led her into the forests, along seashores, through the thickets. She, with camera in hand, collecting samples to draw, awakened to wonder. He, beaming with joy, as her heart filled with life again. Days welcome now as she anticipates new discoveries and clues about who He is, His nature, and His ways.  Exploring and beholding His living gallery she sees more of the artist Himself. Joy … Continue reading The Summer of Awe and Wonder

Live As They Do

Sunlight streams through the thick canopy of trees as a carpet of mixed ferns sway on the forest floor. The lady ferns, with their shapely bodies and delicate features, point to the younger fiddlehead ferns unfurling their festive balls of tightly woven fingerlets adjacent to the horsetails, with their streaming fireworks-style spires. In the distance, the familiar call of the gold crowned sparrow and the haunting piccolo of the hermit thrush echo over the chirping of nearby robins as they hop through the thickets in search of afternoon treats. The rich musky scent of moss and earth swirls in the … Continue reading Live As They Do

The Magnificence and Beauty of the Lord

All I have is the title. And glimpses from Exodus, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation. And the understanding that all beauty has come from Him, whether the beauty of the natural world or the beauty of such things as purity or goodness. It’s a subject my heart and spirit know more deeply than my mind. It’s an intuitive understanding of His centrality and that all things were created by Him and for Him and that our existence is an existence in Him. It’s an intuitive understanding that His essence is impeccable, astounding, and when beheld, even in a glimpse, profoundly alters … Continue reading The Magnificence and Beauty of the Lord

First Snow of the Season

Silently, silently they come. Thousands of flakes per minute, each one distinct from the rest, delighting the heart of young and old, a white fleece as far as the eye can see, adorning each tree branch, and creating a whipped cream topping for the clusters of berries hanging from the Mountain Ash trees. Time passes. They continue to arrive by droves without a whisper, turning the brown decay of fall into an enchanting pillow top and ending the deep darkness of shadow that falls on the land with the turning season. Nights will be brighter now too, as moonlight bounces … Continue reading First Snow of the Season