About Me

Hello and welcome!

Do you love to travel? I sure do. In my younger years my feet touched the soil of five of the seven continents. Discovery and exploration meet a deep need within and leave me feeling expanded and alive.

Besides the exploration of the natural world, the intangible journeys distinctive to the human experience, the ones we can’t touch with our hands, also provide fertile soil for discovery and fullness of life.

Have you traveled there?

Have you stepped foot in the country of “identity” and discovered who you are? Have you taken the journeys to wholeness, restoration, purpose, and discovery of voice? Have you journeyed to the heart of God?

Health issues in my thirties slowed much of my exploration of the natural world but precipitated a deep, rich journey of the heart. Gold was waiting for me there, as it waits for all travelers on the tender road inside. This blog is a direct result of that process.

I offer these writings to you humbly, knowing their imperfections, yet believing that when shared sincerely from the heart, and placed in the hands of God, they can be life-giving to others.

Thanks for joining me,