Simple Gifts

I kick off my shoes and walk in the wet sand making my way along the shoreline.

I meander through the woods breathing deeply of the crisp fresh air.

I pick a small bouquet of wildflowers and place them in my kitchen window.

Simple things you might say.  Yes, but not really.

Did you know that as my bare feet touched the sand the electrical charge from the earth calmed my nervous system and improved my heart rate and blood flow? Just from walking barefoot?

Did you know that as I meandered through the woods breathing the particles emitted from trees and plants, my body’s immune system was strengthened for up to a week? Just from breathing the forest air?

Did you know that as I took in the beauty of the wildflowers, the reward center of my brain released hormones that flooded my brain and counteracted stress? Just from beholding beauty?

Profound gifts released through simple things. Profound gifts to help and strengthen us.

Profound gifts released through walking barefoot, (they call it grounding), being in the woods, (they call it forest bathing), and beholding beauty (they call it the neuroscience of aesthetics).

I call it the goodness of God.

Copyright © Tender Road Journeys 2021 All Rights Reserved

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