From Less Than to Equal

Learned I was less than from the lying school of life; hussling to fit into the more thans world, knowing I never could.

Striving to prove my lovability, worth, belonging; living off scraps of validation and devouring stray words of kindness. An innate feeling of lower class, that people are doing me a favor to spend time with me.

Circumstances taught me this falsehood and faulty conclusions in childhood reinforced it. Less than…not a good platform to build a life from; Less than…not a place of rest.

Centered, calm, a feeling of wholeness, no need to prove, able to make and keep eye contact, able to be myself, talk openly and express an opinion, an unapologetic sense of belonging in the world.

What a difference. Now an equal.

I’ve changed and I know what a blessing I am and what I have to contribute to the world and I know people love me for me.

Energy spent hussling in years prior can now be directed toward caring for myself, healing my heart, giving to others out of my overflow, and loving the One who has restored my soul.

In my own eyes I’ve become an equal and can see there are not, and never have been, any less thans.

“From less than to equal”, five words encompassing my five-decade journey to peace. “From less than to equal”, five words illustrating a life transformed.

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Copyright © Tender Road Journeys 2021 All Rights Reserved

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