How My Walk With the Lord Has Changed Over 30 Years

From do to be, from work to rest, from me to Him, from striving to responding. Wisdom has washed away much of the pushing, proving and performing.

Now it’s me being thankful and living in trust. Now it’s me releasing concerns to His steady hands knowing there’s really nothing to worry about.

Now it’s the joy of knowing and being known by Him. Now it’s simple prayers from a deeper place, sometimes spoken, often not.

Now it’s awareness and acknowledgement of His ever-presence. Now it’s standing in awe and rightfully praising all He is.

Now it’s listening in silence for His whispers and the inclinations of His heart. Now it’s living for Him knowing this to be the place of deepest fulfillment.

Now it’s confidence in His goodness during troubles without a need for explanation. Now it’s bringing myself to Him with my failures knowing I will be received with grace and restored in love.

Now it’s treating myself with the same restorative mercy He gives me. Now it’s living in His love every day and resting in my value as His daughter.

I still pray longer and more intently when situations warrant it, but it’s not the norm. I still do good deeds but out of love for Him and as an expression of overflow. I still reach out to others but from a place of fullness, not to gain worth for myself because He has already given it to me.

Now He has become my help, my hope, and my home.

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